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Nov 11, 2022

Introducing HEKE, our featured artist for November. HEKE’s series of hypercolour abstracts are crackling with luminescent vibrancy.
Born in Cape Town, HEKE is both a visual artist and music producer who studied fine arts at the Foundation School of Art in Observatory, Cape Town.
In Sesotho “heke” means gatekeeper, fitting given that his art and music symbolise what he terms “universe-gateways to other dimensions.”

HEKE’S Hypercolour series

By combining neon colours with abstract or contemporary shapes and layers, it’s HEKE’s hope that the series has a powerful effect on the viewer’s emotions.
“I’ve wanted to do a series of works like this, super hypnotic and minimal while using bright tones of fluro in a mixed medium with an abstract, child-like graffiti element to it. After all the trauma, pain and suffering I’ve witnessed in the world in the last few years I think we’ve all seen enough doom and gloom and need to surround ourselves with things that uplift the spirit.”
The term “hypercolour” is borrowed from a fashion brand which created colour-changing clothing in the 1980s. “They were produced back in the ’80s by a company called Generra Co. which was a cool clothing brand with a concept I thought was ahead of its time called Hypercolour and this name just stuck. I thought it was quite fitting for my series of new works.”

Ancient Wisdom by HEKE, mixed media on canvas, 127x102cm

What inspires or motivates HEKE’s creations?

“It’s hard to say because there are so many things in this world that inspire me but, in a way, music plays a big part. Music takes me places I can only dream of and I use this to fuel my creations onto canvas; a dream-like state or emotion captured and frozen in time.”

What does art mean to HEKE?

“It means everything. It is the glue that binds us, it’s the air that we breathe. It crosses all divides and is essential for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It allows complex ideas to be broken down but most of all it brings me closer to God, because after all he’s the greatest artist of all – just take a look around you.”
HEKE’S artworks are a mix between abstract and ultramodern futurism.
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